16th Pearson Conference in Zagreb

Zagreb | 2018-03-03


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Pearson Croatia and Naklada Ljevak cordially invite you to

16th Pearson Conference in Zagreb 

DATE: 3rd March, 2018
TIME: 9:00 – 13:50

VENUE: Hotel Sheraton, Kneza Borne 2, 10000 Zagreb

With book exhibition and great discounts!



Rob Dean

Rob has been involved in ELT as a teacher, director of studies and teacher trainer since 1994. During this time, he has taught a wide variety of ages and levels in numerous countries in Europe and South East Asia, and is currently based in Poland. Rob has taught a wide variety of course types, from primary to adult, including exam preparation, EAP and English for business and professional purposes. He has numerous interest areas within the world of ELT, including teaching young learners, teaching with technology, language and culture and task based learning. Rob now works as an independent international teacher trainer and academic consultant, and travels widely delivering talks, workshops and seminars – as well as online webinars - to teachers all over the world. Over the years, Rob has covered a wide range of topic areas including methodology, language, practical teaching ideas, classroom management, motivation of learners and blended learning to name but a few.


Conrad Kellet

Conrad Kellett has been a teacher, teacher trainer and director of studies for many years, working predominately in the UK and Croatia where he currently resides. Conrad teaches across all age ranges and is still actively teaching both primary and secondary children in Croatia. He also has many years’ experience teaching English in a Waldorf / Steiner setting in addition to working in formal state school system. This enables him to see the best of both worlds and exploit the advantages of both. In the summer, he heads to the UK where he runs successful summer schools with up to 550 students each week attending with the aim of immersing learners in an environment where English is the gateway to new and memorable experiences. He is also an examiner for several of the most prestigious English examinations. He has written many articles for English learners and currently writes for an online and published Malaysian English learning magazine. He regularly delivers teacher training workshops on behalf of Pearson, The British Council, Study group International and View Magazine. With an educational background in English language and Literature he has a passion for encouraging students (and teachers) to be creative and ambitious in lessons. He believes creativity is the key to memorable lessons and effective learning outcomes.


9:00 – 9:45   Registration
9:45 – 10:00   Welcome note!
11:00 – 11:15   Break
11:15 – 12:05   Conrad Kellet: PLAN LESS, TEACH MORE
12:05 – 12:50   Lunch break
12:50 – 13:50   Rob Dean: THINGS TO DO WITH THE BACK OF THE BOOK


Rob Dean: Nothing Stands Still for Long – Changing English
Whether it’s technology, fashion, music or politics, nothing stays the same for long, and for some people, staying up to date can be a real challenge. Language is no exception, and all languages are in a constant state of evolution. This session will look at some of the latest trends in English – both new elements entering the language as well as old elements falling out of use. The talk will investigate examples of changing grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and usage, and will look at where this leaves when deciding what to teach in the classroom.


Conrad Kellet: Plan less teach more.
As teachers we can perhaps agree there is never enough time for everything we need and want to do. It is undeniable that planning is an integral part of any successful teacher’s tool kit and whilst I am not advocating ditching planning all together I feel if we are not careful we end up planning more than we are delivering. In these two workshops I hope to show you some ideas on how to use minimal planning to allow you to maximise your energy in the classroom where it really counts.

Many years of being thrown in at the deep end without a lesson plan have helped me develop activities and tasks which need no planning and generate excellent learning opportunities for students. 


Rob Dean: Things to do with the Back of the Book
After the last unit of the book there are inevitably those pages containing the grammar reference, writing bank, irregular verb tables and other such material that to many students (and teachers!) often appear as a boring, mysterious and under-used black hole. These pages however contain reams of valuable material just waiting to be exploited. This highly practical session will therefore look at ways of putting the back of the book to good use with a selection of easy to prepare interactive activities – many of which were most likely never intended by the coursebook author!



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